"Kaya kung sakali lang na makita mo
ang puso ko na inanod sa aplaya;
iniisip kung anong gagawin sa kanya—
itatabi, itatapon o ipagsasawalang-bahala,
maghihintay ako sa desisyon mo.
Maniwala ka sa’kin.
Maghihintay ako.
Ibalik mo sana."

— Juan Miguel Severo, Naniniwala Ako (via thediaryofayounglady)

What is random.

1. August was a breeze. Err, 2014 actually. I really don’t feel like something significant’s been happening in my life at this point but yeah, I’m getting by. I guess.

2. I only planned on getting a new leash (coz I left the old one at the vet’s) for Sherlock and last minute-ly added puppy treats coz I’m determined to start his rigorous (what. Haha) training :D but errrr, I also end up buying him a new bed. Haaar. Impulsive/spoiler mommy on the loose :D

3. And since mother’s constantly been complaining/jealous that I was buying loads of stuffs for my baby (aka Sherlock the pup), and less (or completely nil) for her, even the simplest of pasalubongs, I end up buying the cologne she’s been raving about since I don’t know when as a consolation. Hahahaha. I actually hid the bed, and other stuffs ‘cept the treats coz she might again be jealous. Lol.

4. Then while random things are running in my head while at the shower, I’ve been realizing that I’ve always been neglecting my mother in my list of priorities, and thought that, something’s must be done to rectify that, and since September is her birth month and I have given her a little something at the first day of the month, why not give her lil somethings everyday til her birthday on the 18th. Hihi. I really felt it was genius. Hahahaha. Charot. I just hope I remember it for 18 consecutive days!! Huhu, my memory, please cooperate. K?!

5. I moved into a new workspace after office today. My new post is beginning to sink in and am actually toying (for the nth time) with the idea of studying again. MBA or CMA are my choices. Dropping law as an option. Haha. #feeler me. Orayt.

6. I will definitely miss directly working with my boss. If anything, he’s just beeeen soooo mabait and funny and sleng, err, slang :D will miss my hemorrhagic moments :D

7. Had a great laugh with the powerpuff gurls turned mean girls earlier. Hahahaha. :D

8. 3 people’s been asking me where did I happen to witness poetry recital since I’ve posted that superb piece, Mga Basang Unan, in my FB account. And I’m more than happy to be a channel of spreading Love for Poetry. :]

9. Gradeschool classmates are brewing a Bora getaway on Jan 2015. Good: I’m being adopted by other sets of travel buddies since my ultimate buddy (aka mi brother) left for the States. Bad: I’ve already got a trip on Feb2015. So hello empty pockets. Har. Butas Bulsa lang ang peg to jumpstart 2015 eh?! ]

10. Imma sleep for now. Good night lovely people of Tumblr :]

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Anonymous said: yellow orange brown pink

Yellow: i don’t know you at all
Orange: I don’t like your blog
Brown: I don’t like you
Pink: I think you’re unattractive (I think so too :)) so apir tayo dyaaan anon :) )

**I’ve been meaning to post this one since i’ve read it, but for some reason, this won’t post in my mobile app. hahaha :D i’ve been wanting to receive this kind of ta. at last, someone’s not been sugarcoating things :) Lablats. Mwah.

Anonymous said: Grey

Grey: I wish you would notice me..

haven’t i doing that? talk to me, i don’t bite :)

springingforth said: Green and Purple :)

GREEN: i think you’re cute (mehe. *blushes* kahit na lam kong inuuto mo lang ako :D)

PURPLE: i don’t talk yo you but i really love your blog (aww. i love your blog too, and your hands and your name. Hihi :D) 

im sorry i posted this just now, bitchy mobile data and wifi in the past days xD Hello Ae! :)


Noong iwan mo ako ng walang pasabi, o pangako ng pagbabalik, umiyak ako buong gabi. Umiyak ako nang sobrang tindi; kinailangan kong ibilad sa araw ang unan ko kinabukasan. Ang sarap pala sa pakiramdam ng patulugin ka ng sarili mong pag-iyak. Naisip ko, hindi pinakuluang dahon ng bayabas, o alak, ang sagot sa ganitong klaseng sakit. Luha ang pinakamabisang pang-langgas sa sugat ng puso.

Kaya… inaraw-araw ko ito.

Sinisimulan at tinatapos ko ang mga araw na binabalikan ang mga sugat na iniwan mo. Iniisa-isa ko ang mga alaala’t hinahanap kung saan sila bumaon dito sa puso ko. Nakakatawa. Ang akala ko noon, kung dumating man ang araw na ‘to, puro mga alaala ng away at hindi natin pagkakasunduan ang iintindihin ko, kasi ‘yun, mahirap gamutin; na sila, kahit ilang balde na ng luha ang aking pigain mula sa mga mata ko, magdurugo pa rin.

Pero mas nagdurugo ako para sa mga tawa mo. Mas nagdurugo ako sa mga patawa mo. Mas nagdurugo ako sa mga yakap mo, sa kung paanong ang balat ko ay parang nalalapnos kapag dahan-dahan mo akong hinahaplos at ang hininga ko ay nahahapo at kinakapos kapag niyayapos kita.

Nagdurugo ako noong umalis ka, pero mas nagdurugo ako sa unang gabi na pinili mong manatili. Nagdurugo ako noong gabing sabihin mo na ayaw mo na, pero mas nagdurugo ako noong gabing tanungin mo ako kung pwede pa ba? Nagdurugo ako noong gabing tinalikuran mo ako, pero mas nagdurugo ako na noong pagtalikod ko, nandun ka pa.

At nagdurugo ako. At nagdurugo ako. At nadudurog at nadudurog at nagdurugo pa rin ako sa alaala na ikaw pa ang mas naunang nagsabi ng, “Mahal kita.”

Mahal kita. Kung titignan nang maigi ang mga salitang isinulat ng mga sugat na iniwan mo, ‘yang dalawang ‘yan ang mababasa ko: Mahal kita. At sa inaraw-araw ng pagbibilad kong gan’to, nagmamanhid na sila. Mahal kita. At sa dinami-rami ng luha na pinang-langgas ko rito, naglalamig na sila. Mahal kita. At sa hinaba-haba ng panahon na ginugol ko sa gamutan, nagmamanhid na sila. Mahal kita. At sa tinagal-tagal nitong kumikirot sa dibdib ko, medyo nakakasanay na. Mahal kita. At sa tinatagal-tagal ng panahon na ginugol ko sa gamutan, magsasara na sila. Magsasara, at magiging mga pilat na paulit-ulit kong mababasa at ang parati lang sasabihin ay mahal kita.

Mahal, kung magkita man tayong muli at tanungin mo kong muli kung pwede pa ba, ang hihilingin ko lang sa’yo ay mga bagong unan. Dahil ang lahat ng sa akin ay akala mo’y naulanan. Dahil lahat sila ay akin nang naiyakan at nag-iwan ng mga kwento natin. Ayaw ko nang matulog sa mga unang basa at malunod sa pagtulog sa alaala na mahal kita, mahal nga pala kita, na mahal pa rin pala kita. At sa wakas, hindi na kasing sakit ng dati.

Pero mahal, masakit pa.


Mga Basang Unan, by Juan Miguel Rivera Severoperformed on July 19, 2014 at Sev’s Cafe’s Open Mic Night hosted by Words Anonymous (via thediaryofayounglady)

To have read this piece was great, but to see this performed in front of my eyes, with oh so muuuch feelsssss, I was stunned. It is overwhelmingly beautiful.

(via godspamperedprincess)

they say
that when you don’t have anyone
to validate your memory,
it’ll eventually fade away
you will lose it
you will forget..

but up to this day,

i keep on asking why
mine won’t go away.

1. United Candies of Benetton. Mehe. from sweet-toothed staffs of Mongolia and Vietnam resident missions. And Filo’s local lipps and jolly rancher chews (I dunno where it came from. there’s just lots of it in our mini pantry)

2. sample rosette/paper medallions for tenten’s debut.

3. lame attempt at lettering. and since I wrote it, crazy things were indeed handed to me..

i just bought my first stocksssssssss! And they are LRI, MEG and SMPH. It is both scary and exciting. Ang sayaaaa kahit na puro red nakikita ko at this moment sa portfolio ko. HAHAHA :D im gonna learn this sh*t, and am gonna bless the world through it. :)

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Basta ba libre, push. Haha. Charot! :D

Basta ba libre, push. Haha. Charot! :D