Isn’t it sad to ache
for the pain that wasn’t able
to throb within the chambers of your heart?

for tears not able to pool
on the sides of your lashes,
that which fails to crawl
on your invisible facial hairs
to finally drop into your trembling hands

I weep for agonies that were killed
before it has the chance to breathe,
buried before it has the the chance to live

for in them breeds an eternal disease.

altusmaceria — haha. ikaw pala yung nagsabi :D  yan na yung nasa DP ko ngayon :D Big boy na siya :D HAHA :D

altusmaceria — haha. ikaw pala yung nagsabi :D  yan na yung nasa DP ko ngayon :D Big boy na siya :D HAHA :D

Huhu. Paasa.. akala ko weekend, Thursday to Saturday pala, and Poetry and Pammy+ AA Patawaran are on the first daaay (Thursday). Creys.

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With all these family drama going on, konti na lang, pwede na kami pang telenobela. jeez.

Omg! PAM PASTOR! Huhuhu. Sino pwede kaladkarin diyan??!

Omg! PAM PASTOR! Huhuhu. Sino pwede kaladkarin diyan??!

slykherin said: I love your presence in my dash. Apir! :-)

Khirbet! Thank youuu for this young lady. Your bubbly personality lights up my dash too! At sayo ko yata nakuha yang “shakssss” hahaha! Kasama na siya sa vocabulary ko xD gash. :D

Hi JemGandaSexy :)

I love to call you Jem instead of Rina coz I want to emphasize how precious you are :)

Yes, we rarely talk, and in the few occasions that we did, I always end up at a lost for words, and I’m sorry.

This is never a contest, but in all fairness and honesty, you really are the one who is more generous between the two of us. you are generous with your words, and compliments, and your heart— yes, always your heart.. ‘coz in every piece, in every patiently answered asks, in your hatred and insecurities, your tender way of loving, in your brutal honesty, in between metaphors and similes— there lies your heart at the center of it all. and you are never at a second thought to give a portion, a shard, to people who are in need. always. And I admire you for that.

and I’ll always admire your bravery. coz that’s one thing I’m always not.

and please do know that you have a friend in me. always :)


altusmaceria said: Dear Jera, minsan, feeling ko ikaw 'yang DP mo. Hahahaha. I know we really don't talk as often for us to be considered close friends or even just friends but I feel like you really are my friend. You are a breathe of sunshine. Hindi ka madamot sa compliments. Hindi ka madamot maging mabait. Iilan nalang ang taong ganyan. Kahit ako, hindi ganyan. Hahaha. And for that, I admire you and look up to you. :)

T_T Palagian kong ipagpapasalamat ang mga taong gaya mo sa aking buhay, online o offline man. Kung pwede lang kita I hug, ngayon na, eh ginawa ko na :)

PS. Di ako yung nasa DP. My nephew. Si Audi :)

stop giving a damn to people who doesn’t even care. reserve your heartbreaks to people more worthy of it.

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Putting an End to This Mishap: Apologies and Arguments


This was a familiar scene. Some of the Thomasians reacted negatively in an article published by our school publication. It was the Medical Technologist board exams results, which were recently released this year, that were on the center of argument. But like the news itself, the arguments quickly became old news.

Again, the said school publication published another article regarding the October CPA Licensure Exams. There were no topnotchers, the school wasn’t able to achieve its passing rate last year, and the takers for this year are composed of “delayed graduates and repeaters.” Those are the facts on how did our school fared in the said exam. It’s a sad fact, and once you read those fact in a manner that you focus on the negatives, a reader can surely conclude that UST’s Accountancy program is not as good as it was before. In layman’s term nalalaos na.

But behind those facts are another set of facts explaining on why those facts happened. If you read the article and analyzed it further, you will notice the relatively low examinees that took the exam this year. Haven’t you asked yourself, upon reading, why are there a low number of examinees from UST? And by the way, 77 is a very low considering the perennial 300+ examinees coming from our school. Or haven’t you asked yourself also what cause the sudden decline in the national passing rate? Usually, around this time of the year, the CPA board exams post a 40-an almost 50% passing rate? In short, I’m trying to point out the bigger picture which the article somehow managed to ignore.

That’s all that we are fighting for in AMV College of Accountancy. Why was the article only showing the peak of the iceberg? You cannot say that because it was an online news and it needs to be rushed; there no rooms for emergency interviews and the likes. SIge, sabihin nating hindi kaya ng interview, you can always research those facts. So how come it weren’t apparent in the article? We are not looking for praise, sugarcoating, and the likes. We are not looking for a PR. We know AMV College of Accountancy is always at its top of its game. Pero out of line kasi talaga. The article wasn’t as informative as it should.

Upon reading that article my mother and some of my high school friends talked to me and asked what happened to AMV? Nawawala na daw ba yung kamandag ng AMVians in terms of the CPA board exams? It was a shock to hear those words from people close to you. Of course I replied no and explained the whole situation to them.

Ayun lang naman yung sa amin, eh. We will never be here kung na-iayos lang yung article—kung nabigay niya lahat ng inpormasyong importante sa balitang iyon. Pero wala. The same way you guys are asking not to generalize the whole AB Journalism is the same way we are asking you to get your facts straight so that AMV won’t be generalized as such.

Mali ang article na walang grumadweyt na BSA last 2014. Meroong graduates from the BSA program last year. Irregular students WHO HAPPENS TO FAIL ONLY ONE SUBJECT. Of course, hindi yan p’wedeng ilagay sa article kasi ang wordy at ang inappropriate. Hindi rin na-explain kung bakit kinailangan ng UST magdagdag ng isang taon sa BSA curriculum. AMV still stands to its perspective that no one knows that it won’t be our year this year because of that fact. So you as a news reporter should explain to the crowd on why. Writing isn’t just for expressing, it is also for informing. Balita pa bang maiituturing ang isang balitang kulang kulang?

Yun lang talaga ang issue sa amin sa AMV. As a matter of fact, hindi na naming pinapansin dahil may OPLAN 100 ng ginagawa sa AMV. Pahihirapan na naman kami ng bongga at quiz week na naman. So we brush it off like dust on our tattered books. We don’t care. There’s a whole future ahead of us.

Pero yung foul kasi sa amin eh yung pag-tweet ni ate ng “QUICK TIP” imagine going home and realizing that you have a towering books to face in the dead of night, imagine going home with a burden of uncertainty if you will be one of those “delayed” students that you guys seem to irk upon? Imagine that. Tapos here’s ate tweeting as if the board exams were as easy as eating a popcorn. Eh p’ano kung baliktarin natin: QUICK TIP: Mag-sulat kasi kayo ng maayos nang hindi nagagalit ang madla sa inyo. S’yempre, mababanas kayo. Kasi parang gano’n kadaling magsulat. That’s the exact same feeling we felt as AMVians. Parang in a snap of a finger, you have your answers right in front of you. Sa AMV, mas bubutihin mong magtagal ke’sa mawala ng maaga. We weren’t called the Debarment Capital for nothing, having the only College to have a 6-units subject every semester.

Wala nang kaguluhan kung hindi nag-tweet si ate ng gano’n.

Sige, we humbly give you our apology for going out of the line to the point na kinukutya na naming yung profession niyo. We apologize for all the mean things, curse words, and everything in between that flew out of our mouths (indirectly). We were only stressed by the upcoming quiz week. The agitation was too much to bear. So apology if ever na minaliit namin yung course niyo. We know being a journalist is as difficult as being an accountant. We are sorry kung sumobra kasi kung nag-apologize ka’gad si ate, we will control our emotions right away. Eh hindi eh, she even deleted those tweets. Anong sinasabi niya sa act niyang yun? That she gladly cower away than to actually face the angry mob in a calm way, making them realize what a bunch of dumb-dumbs they are? Sabihin nating yung sa twineet niya sa kanya it meant no harm, but to everyone na nagpapakahirap sa AMV eh malaking sampal yun eh.

Kayo na rin nagsabi na board exams shouldn’t be the basis for measuring the superiority of professions. So bakit kailangan niyong ikahon kami sa board exams namin? The accountancy profession is as much geared at nation building as the journalism profession. It’s just that not everyone can give out an assurance that Financial Statements are presented in a fair manner.

So if we agitated you through our words, we humbly apologize. Pero sana naman, next time, get your facts straight and fixed. We are not asking for sugarcoating. We just want a walang labis, walang kulang, serbisyong totoo lamang kind of attitude from you, through looking at the perspective much deeper than what it is at hand right now. Ayun lang naman. Peace na? Of course, we are one big Thomasian community after all. Sino sino pa ba ang magkakampihan kung hindi tayo-tayo lang din naman.

*mwahugs* na!